Custom made bootsby Michal Pavlas

For genuine bikers


Michal Pavlas

It is art to make well-made boots. I am professional shoemaker and belong to the third generation of cobblers from Zlín. When I make a pair, I put a part of my soul into it to enrich you with exceptional experience. The inspiration for my job was Italian way of production, its purity and design. You can find my workshop in Prague, where I keep on returning prestige to the handicraft.


Shifty Boots

Unique hand-made boots capable of fulfilling even the most challenging requirements. Each pair is custom made and every rider can adjust them to image of their own – both visually and functionally. Simply footwear for genuine bikers.


Nesting manufacturing process

Classic process in shoe industry since 17th century. It represents more complex construction of a shoe, which includes a possibility of dismantling it and change worn out parts. You would not ever have to buy a new pair thanks to it.


3D ankle protection

Assurance in the form of modern protection. It reinforces your ankle and ensures your leg is in natural position while driving. In addition, it offers thermal insulation, so your feet will definitely not get cold.


Shifty shield

Special protection against damage. Shifty Shield is a shield against damage from shifting lever. It can be made out of rubber or reverse skin that not only fulfills a protection function, but it also diversifies the design of shoes.


Two kinds of sole

Different levels of comfort for your feet. You can choose whether you want a less soft rubber option or you are looking for something really good. The hard option will offer the outsole of the finest buffalo leather to keep your feet like in a duvet.


Hand-made manufacturing

In some ways it's good not to go with the time. Robots and automation were completely omitted by us – we have been following practices that have been passed on from generation to generation. Each piece is created by honest Czech work and we take pride in it..


Individual customization

To suit directly yourself. We manufacture hand-made biker footwear to meet requirements of even the most demanding riders. Whether it's an increase in the outsole, choosing a specific material, or placement of a monogram.

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Michal Pavlas

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Shifty Boots Hnědá kůže, žluté švy, s ochranou řadící páky
Price of your boots: 13 000 Kč

Payment information
Production information

Each pair of shoes is unique and tailored just for you.

That is why we need to arrange a meeting at our workshop in Prague to choose the right size and width.

Once you have agreed to the joint proposal, we will get to work and we will produce footwear within two months.

You have just decided to indulge in something special. Quality and first-class materials are the basis. Therefore, we ask you to deposit 20% of the final price so we can get to work. You will pay the rest of the money upon takeover.

In case you can not wait for a pair of shoes, pay the whole amount with the card and we will start to make your order as a priority. In return we will reward you with a 5% discount on this purchase. Discount will be deducted immediately upon payment.

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